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A change is coming in 2014. A new Retail and Aggregation model designed to allow brokers to compete in the online world armed with cutting edge software and tools. We're still all about Face to Face contact with your clients. The power of an advice model is important to us. And so My Local Broker was born. Did we hear you talk about leads, we have them. We have spent the last 2 years of My Local Broker's life researching just what makes the best online lead. Our research and results are what you will see in the My Local Broker rebrand and launch later in 2014. 

So what is My Local Broker?

My Local Broker is the retail shop front for your broking business. It's identical in approach to that of the Real Estate Directory sites where Real Estate Agents advertise their properties. Why? Because advertising is expensive, getting traffic to sites is expensive. Without traffic, without advertising you become 1 of thousands of other professionals doing exactly the same thing. 

The concept was tabled due to the increasing public awareness of finance and mortgage brokers in Australia and due to the lack of reputable advertising directories for brokers. The focus is very much about “locality” and “community”. 

The advantages in using a professional who is local are many and include – they know the local area, its various precincts, housing prices and values and understand the local demographic and social structure and can be accessed more readily than going to another location that may be hours away. It's a nice feeling to when a client can refer you on to their friends - because afterall you are "local". 

It's important that as a profession we work together to protect our industry as we navigate the online world. We have an amazing team of professionals behind My Local Broker. Our drive is to deliver the best tools in the market for you to use day in and day out. Our aim is to further educate everyday Australians on the importance of seeking advice when it comes to their home loan rather than doing a DIY. Together our message will be heard, and that mighty market share of broker originated loans will continue to rise.

Come and join us on the journey to a new dawn in Mortgage Broking.

To stay in the loop with our updates contact us today at info@mylocalbroker.com.au and we will place you on our News Updates.

We look forward to working with you.

-Jaci Smith

CEO & Founder of My Local Broker




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