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Estimated Property Value
Estimated Property Value
Property Sales History
Property Sales History
Sold price of similar properties
Sold Price of Similar Property

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Finding a property is just the beginning. With a property report, you can find out the estimated property value and price range, recent sales history of the property, comparable sales results in the area, and discover interesting suburb insights and trends. Get the whole picture of what it means to have ownership of your chosen address.

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In addition to your property report, we are happy to match you with a mortgage broker who can assist you in understanding the information and how to use it to your advantage. This service is completely complimentary, so you get something for nothing.

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In addition to knowing the estimated property value based on statistical data, you will also get a complete report that includes:


 Property activity, such as last sale and campaign activity 

 Key metrics such as sales activity, price growth, and rental yield

 Full coloured photographs of the property at time of inspection

 Building quality

 Recently sold properties in surrounding suburbs


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Leverage your property report

Want a more indepth understanding or property reports in the meantime? Check out this resource on how to get the most out of your report.

Leverage your property report

Knowledge is power. Leverage the power of your property report

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